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Materials and Innovation

We are dedicated to challenging the fashion paradigm that animal products are essential for design. While we acknowledge that our bags are currently made from polyurethane (PU), a man-made material, we are progressively and actively sourcing eco-friendly PU that adheres to REACH and CA65/Prop 65 standards. We recognise the need for further innovation to develop biodegradable alternatives and incorporate biodegradable vegetable and fruit leathers like coffee, bamboo, and apple skin into our future collections.  And nothing excites us more than knowing our future collections will be more and more innovative.

GRS Certified and PETA Approved

We want to be 100% transparent about what exactly our first collection of vegan bags are made of.  Introducing our 2023 Jian Bucket Bag collection, meticulously handcrafted with a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Despite the challenges faced as a startup, we have made every effort to prioritise the well-being of people, animals, and the planet.
Our timeless designs are built to last, and throughout the entire manufacturing process, from water-base glue to eco-friendly ink, we have eliminated harmful chemicals that could potentially harm both animals and the environment.  We take pride in hand-crafting this collection with sustainability in mind, utilising materials that consist of 55% recycled content; a great way to divert plastic bottles from our oceans. Our PU coated fabrics, which are GRS certified and PETA Approved, embody our commitment to vegan leather. This innovative material is water-based, solvent-free, harmless to both the environment and animals and holds the prestigious Global Recycled Standard certification, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

As we debut our very first collection, we are mindful of our low order quantity and the implications it has on our choices.
Currently, our custom-designed woven straps, including our dustbags (which are undyed and has only our logo on it using eco-friendly ink) are handmade from 100% polyester. However, we are actively collaborating with our manufacturer to explore alternatives and transition to using recycled materials. We are dedicated to ensuring that we contribute positively to the environment and reduce waste. While we were unable to avail ourselves of this option in our initial production run due to the limited quantity of bags we wanted to create, we are actively seeking to source recycled or more eco-friendly materials for both our dust bags and woven logo straps.

While our cruelty free bucket bag linings, detachable canvas bags, and drawstrings are meticulously constructed from 100% Organic Standard Cotton (OCS) verified cotton.

*All of the wood fiber in both our packaging, be it in the form of paper stuffed inside our bags, or in the makeup of our PU leather
composition, is either recycled or comes from responsibly managed forests. This ensures working forests are able to regrow and continue to clean our air and purify our water. 

*We cannot claim that the use of this traditional polyurethane is plastic free. Unlike traditional polyurethane, which is derived from oil, our products utilise 55% recycled polyurethane made from water-based polyurethane and recycled polyester backing. This choice significantly reduces our reliance on petroleum in the manufacturing process, and is solvent-free. We are actively seeking to source recycled or more eco-friendly materials such as water-based PU for our future collections.

Our metal hardware is made from zinc alloy and then plated in gold tone.  The plating is a surface layer, and will fade over time depending on skin type, sweat, perfume etc. To remain free from potentially harmful substances, we do not use nickel and lead in any of our hardware components.

Carbon Neutrality

We take the climate crisis seriously and are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint. We ship by sea, which despite taking much longer, is better for the environment than by air.  In line with our policy to offset deforestation in the supply chain, we plant trees in vital communities around the world. 

Thus far, we have planted 64 trees around Asia, Africa, Australia and the Amazon. 

We offset 100% of carbon emissions from packaging and delivery for every order by planting a tree per every accessory sold, and we are determined to achieve net-zero emissions by 2032.  Our aim is to use 100% recycled and renewable energy by 2032 in all our products and manufacturing.

Supply Chain Transparency:

Our designs are created in Melbourne, Australia.  We ensure that our materials, including recycled and non-recycled options, meet global standards for chemicals and toxicity. We want to be as transparent about our supply chain as possible, whilst still protecting our intellectual property.  Our fabrics are responsibly manufactured, and we aim to increase our use of recycled polyester and water-based, solvent-free polyurethane. We are committed to transparency and will provide more information on our supply chain as we scale and partner with more


Our Manufacturing Partner:

We have established a partnership with a reputable family-owned vegan bag manufacturer based in Guangzhou, China. This manufacturer holds several certifications, including PETA Approved, GRS (Global Recycled Standard), Higg Index, Sedex, and BSCI (Business Social Compliance
Initiative). To ensure compliance and accountability, the manufacturer undergoes annual audits conducted by independent third-party auditors. They proactively audit their supply chain in line with their strict Code of Conduct, aligning with the principles of social responsibility, FairTrade Standards and human rights. 


Through our partnership with Sedex SMETA audited manufacturer, we uphold strict policies that promote transparency and ensure respectful working conditions. This code of conduct applies not only to our manufacturing partners, but also to their partners at all levels, surpassing
local, regional, and national legal requirements.


Our manufacturing partner has demonstrated exceptional commitment to environmental responsibility. In accordance with the
Higg Index 2019 Higg Facility Environmental Module, they have gone beyond water conservation and embraced water stewardship. 
Water stewardship means taking care of the communities and ecosystems that share water resources, and gives companies the opportunity to "share risk" with those around them.  Our manufacturing partner's approach aims to benefit the communities around the Chinese river based in Huadu-District, reflecting their dedication to making a positive impact beyond just production.


We work closely with our manufacturer, and have met with the Sustainability Director to discuss our expectations and our future plans and projections to ensure we are on the same page, and will continue to meet at least once a year going forward.  Our manufacturer is embarking on an exciting journey towards sustainability by transitioning to photovoltaic systems that harness solar energy to generate electricity. These initiatives mark significant steps forward in reducing their environmental impact and embracing renewable energy sources.   


Our Packaging Composition

Our mailer packaging includes recycled and recyclable materials, such as custom-made eco-friendly NoIssue® recycled packaging materials and water-activated paper tape.  Where needed, we will use 100% biodegradable bubble wrap, and 100% PLA biodegradable outer plastic bags made using corn starch which decomposes easily back to earth, instead of plastic poly bags. We partner with a local leading packaging company that specialises in reusable, compostable, or recycled materials.

Stock Kraft Boxes (Visy)

Made from 100% recycled kraft, completely recyclable and compostable after use.

Tissue Paper:

Custom Tissue Paper is made from 100% FSC-certified, recycled and acid free paper and is fully home-compostable after use.


100% recyclable and compostable, and made with 100% FSC-certified materials with soy-based inks.


100% Recycled or FSC Mix Uncoated Paper, and are fully compostable and recyclable after fulfilling their purpose.

At Shér & Seo, we are not perfect, but we are committed to being an environmentally friendly brand.  There’s still a long way to go and it’s not a perfect solution but cruelty-free leather offers a step in the right direction.  We believe in continuous improvement and strive to do better as we progress on our sustainability journey.  We believe in the power of efficient material utilisation through recycling, reusing, waste reduction, reduced water consumption, and energy conservation as these are powerful sustainability levers and have the impact to transform our current state of the planet.  We value transparency and accountability, and we pledge to earth, animals and the people who help us make these beautiful things to do better every step going forward.