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Our Founder's Story

Hello, I'm Donna Sherwani, the founder of Shér & Seo, based in Melbourne | Naarm, Australia. With a background in law + international relations, I established Shér & Seo to bridge the gap between fashion + social justice, recognising the lack of sustainable alternatives to leather with a meaningful mission like ours. Our aim is to use fashion as a means to promote and contribute to social justice causes + issues. Our advocacy is centred on refugees, people seeking asylum, human rights, minority issues + climate change. We see these as interconnected issues that affect our planet + all its inhabitants. We believe that cruelty free, ethical, sustainable fashion accessories can truly change the world.

In 2022, after the birth of my second child, I received a life-changing diagnosis of spinal stenosis, putting me at risk of paralysis. This experience made me more determined to avoid leather products, because not only do I care about animals, but believe it's devastatingly sad to turn a natural wonder into mere goods. I swiftly embraced vegetarianism, eventually transitioning to a vegan lifestyle to embody the change I wished to see. While preparing for a trip to South Korea to reunite with our children's grandparents, I sought a bag. To my frustration, I couldn't find one that wasn't made of animal skin + eventually when I did find vegan alternatives, they lacked a compelling story or a meaningful mission. This led me to transform my bag drawings + designs into a reality, to make a positive difference in society as well as make a profit.

Fortunately, that change is now on the horizon.

Fashion with a Cause

Shér & Seo isn't just a handbag brand - it's a movement. The brand's rebel spirit and advocacy for social causes make it a standout in the fashion industry. This isn't just another bag brand, this is the real social warrior.

"Shér," meaning "lion" in Kurdish and forming a part of Donna's family name Sherwani, honours her heritage and strength, while her Korean husband's "Seo" surname, signifying "calm" complements her audacious endeavours. Together redefining courage, culture, and unity symbolised by the brand's name.

From championing diversity and inclusivity to supporting charitable causes, Shér & Seo is a female owned + led brand with a purpose. Customers who buy a Shér & Seo handbag aren't just making a fashion statement - they're joining a movement for positive change.

A Voice for the Silenced

We refuse to stay silent. Shér & Seo stands as a beacon of hope and a platform for those who have been silenced for too long. We are committed to giving every individual a voice and the opportunity to be heard. Through our brand, we strive to empower and uplift those who have been marginalised and overlooked. We invite all like-minded individuals to join us in our mission for a more equitable and just world, and to use Shér & Seo as a vehicle for change, by empowering refugee youth and helping to create a world where everyone has a voice and a chance to thrive.

Our sine qua non 

When we embarked on the journey of Shér & Seo, we knew it would be an adventure filled with surprises and unexpected twists. As we started dreaming, we carefully crafted a list of non-negotiables that we promise will remain steadfast throughout this extraordinary ride. We believe in change, but here’s what will never change:

  1. We pinky promise to stay cruelty free, because being a vegan brand in the fashion industry is doing the bare minimum.
  2. We pinky promise to stay true to our ethical values. From the sourcing of materials to the production process, we will always prioritise sustainability, cruelty-free practices, and a positive impact on our planet and all it’s guests, which we are. 
  3. We promise to continuously push the boundaries of creativity and embrace innovation. The Shér & Seo journey will be marked by our dedication to crafting unique and cutting-edge designs that set new trends in the fashion industry.
  4. We pinky promise to celebrate and uplift diverse voices. Shér & Seo is not just about fashion; it is a platform for empowerment and inclusivity. We will strive to represent and amplify the stories of individuals from all walks of life, fostering a community where everyone feels seen and valued.
  5. We promise to deliver products of exceptional quality. Each Shér & Seo creation will be meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that it not only looks stunning, but also withstands the test of time. We want our accessories to be cherished by our customers for years to come.  
  6. We pinky promise to put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Your satisfaction and happiness are our top priorities. We will listen to your feedback, engage in open communication, and continuously strive to provide an exceptional shopping experience.
  7. We promise that the Shér & Seo journey will be wild and unpredictable. We embrace the magic of surprises and the excitement of exploring uncharted territories. Our commitment to staying open-minded and adaptable ensures that we will continue to evolve and surprise you in delightful ways. We promise to continuously learn and grow.  We recognise that inclusivity is an ongoing journey, and we are committed to listening, educating ourselves, and adapting to better serve our diverse community. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us, and we encourage open dialogue to ensure we are always moving forward.